6 Things to Do after a Port St Lucie Slip and Fall Accident

things to do after port st lucie slip and fall accident Poor lighting, torn carpeting, wet floors, and uneven surfaces are just a few of the dangerous conditions that may lead to a slip and fall accident.

A slip and fall injury can occur while you are at work, at shopping malls, in stores, at a pool, and even on the sidewalk outside your apartment. No matter where the accident occurs, if you want to recover damages for your injuries, there must be a negligent party involved.

Falls are expensive and serious. It’s been proven that one out of every five falls causes more serious injuries, such as broken bones or head trauma. If you slip and fall while visiting someone else’s property as a guest or someone invited, the owner may be considered liable for your injuries.

If you are the victim of a slip and fall accident, we recommend contacting our legal team at Fetterman Law. You can also use the tips below to help you handle this situation.

1. Get a Medical Evaluation

You should get a medical evaluation right away after you are injured because of a slip and fall accident. You shouldn’t wait. If you do, insurance companies may believe that your injuries aren’t that serious or claim you weren’t injured at all.

After your first appointment with a doctor, you may have to go to follow-up appointments. Be sure you don’t miss these. If you develop a pattern of missing your appointments, the insurance company may believe that your injuries aren’t that serious or that you have recovered.

This can negatively impact your claim for compensation, so you must seek medical treatment and keep going to your appointments.

2. Report the Incident and Your Injuries

After being involved in a slip and fall accident, be sure to let the property owner or a manager about the incident. Make sure that you request an accident report and a copy of it. This is a crucial step because you have official documentation of the accident after the report is filed.

3. Take Notes and Photos

If you can, take photos right after the accident. While you may not be thinking much about photos if you are injured, they can be invaluable if you make a personal injury claim. Try to take as many photos as you can of the accident scene from several different angles. If you can’t take photos, be sure that you take notes while you remember all the details of the situation. It’s a good idea to take notes about what happened even if you have captured photos.

4. Talk to Witnesses and Gather Their Information

Did anyone see your accident? If so, be sure that you get their names and contact information. Having witnesses to a slip and fall accident can help with your accident claim.

5. Limit Communication with the Property Owner

While you should report the incident and gather witness information, you should leave the conversation at this point. Keep talking to a minimum, and don’t go into any details about how the accident occurred.

For example, if you happen to say you feel fine or downplay your injuries, it can be used against you down the road. You may also take blame for the accident, which can be used to reduce or eliminate the possibility that you will recover compensation.

The same applies to homeowners. If you fell at someone’s house, be sure not to talk to them about the situation. It may cause an argument or other issues. It may also result in you saying something that hurts your claim.

6. Figure Out How Long the Dangerous Condition Was There

In some situations, it’s necessary to prove how long the hazardous or dangerous conditions existed. A common example that is used is the banana peel. If a banana peel fell 20 seconds before it caused you to fall, and someone besides a store employee dropped the peel, chances are the store would not be liable.

It’s important to let your attorney know all the details about the situation to help prove your case. This includes you observing your surroundings and remembering what caused you to fall. In some situations, picking up the item that made you fall is recommended, as it can be used as evidence.

Contact Our Legal Team for Help

Any time you are involved in a slip and fall accident where you are injured, getting in touch with our Port St. Lucie slip and fall lawyers at Fetterman Law is highly recommended. We can review the facts of your case and help ensure you have the evidence needed to prove what caused your accident and who should be held liable.

We understand that these cases can be confusing and complex. With our experience and expertise, you can feel confident you have a team of professionals who will fight for your rights.