5 Things You Should Never Say to an Insurance Company After a Car Crash

There are many steps to take in the aftermath of a car accident, with contacting your insurance company among the most important.

While it sounds easy enough to file a claim, you’ll soon find that there are various challenges along the way. For example, if you say the “wrong” thing to an insurance company representative, it could harm your ability to receive all the compensation you deserve.

So, with that in mind, here are five things you should never say to an insurance company after a car crash:

1. Anything!

There will come a time when you need to file an insurance claim, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Contacting your agent when you’re still in shock and/or not feeling your best can result in saying something that you’ll regret.

Calm down, receive medical care, and only contact your insurance company when you’re confident in your ability to clearly discuss the accident.

2. It Was My Fault

Even if you have reason to believe you were fully or partially at fault, don’t admit it when speaking with insurance company personnel. When describing the accident, stick to the basics without implicating yourself.

The two (or more) insurance companies involved in the claim will work out who was at fault. It’s not your responsibility to do so on their behalf.

In many cases, there are factors that you’re not aware of immediately following a crash, such as if the other driver was under the influence or distracted.

3. I’m Not Injured or I’m Seriously Injured

You should only talk about your health, injuries, and well-being when you’re 100 percent sure of the facts.

For instance, you may feel fine after an accident, but within hours you could begin to suffer from a severe headache. This could be the result of a concussion or traumatic brain injury.

Even if you’re not experiencing pain, it never hurts to receive a medical examination.

On the other side of the equation, don’t stretch the truth about your injuries. This makes you look desperate. It makes you look like you’re chasing money. Again, it’s best to stick to the facts and nothing but the facts.

4. I’ll Take Anything

Yes, you want to put your accident in the past, but that doesn’t mean you should put your financial well-being at risk. Saying “I’ll take any settlement” or “anything is better than nothing” puts the insurance company in a position of power.

Insurance companies love to make an initial lowball offer in hopes that you accept. They know your case is worth more, but they still make a low offer in an attempt to save money.

Don’t value your car insurance claim on your own. That’s what a personal injury attorney is for. A legal professional will review the finer details of your accident, place a value on your claim, and then take steps to help you maximize your compensation.

5. I Don’t Have an Attorney

Insurance companies love to hear this. Here’s why: they have a legal team to manage every aspect of the claims process. And if you don’t, they’ll find it easier to take advantage of you.

Rather than tell an insurance company you don’t have an attorney, say this: I don’t feel comfortable talking to you without my attorney on the line.

That alone gives them a clear idea that you won’t be pushed around and that you mean business.

In 2020 alone, there were 341,331 motor vehicle accidents in the state of Florida that resulted in 3,347 fatalities and 212,535 injuries.

Should you find yourself injured in a motor vehicle accident, consult with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who can manage your claim from start to finish. At Fetterman Law we’re here to provide guidance during this challenging time of your life.

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