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4 Tips to Safely Riding a Bicycle

There are many benefits to riding a bicycle. It is easy to get around, it’s great exercise, it’s cheap, and it’s environmentally friendly. Choosing to ride a bicycle in a large city can be a great way to get involved with your community. However, with a large number of commuters and individuals biking, the risk for accidents increases.

If you choose to ride a bicycle for recreational purposes or for commuting to work, be sure to follow all necessary safety guidelines to prevent an accident.

Night Riding

While riding at night can be dangerous, there are ways to do it safely. Regardless of whether you choose to ride on the sidewalk, on the side of the road, or in a bike lane, it’s important to wear reflective gear that can easily be seen by drivers on the road.

4 Tips to Safely Riding a Bicycle

Night gear can be anything bright or reflective. If you have any neon or brightly colored clothing or even a white shirt can increase your chances of being seen by oncoming vehicles. If possible, try to attach a small light, reflectors or even neon stickers onto your bicycle, helmet or clothing as this can also draw attention to yourself while riding.

The Bike Lane

The bike lane has proven to be useful and helpful in providing cyclists another place to ride safely. However, it is still important to be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to oncoming traffic as well as traffic that you are riding with. Be careful not to swerve in and out of the bike lane because other drivers may not be prepared to react as quickly.

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All bike lanes are on the far right side of the street, however, not all streets have bike lanes. In these cases, ride on the right shoulder of the road. This way you are riding with traffic rather than against it. If your bicycle allows the attachment of mirrors, utilize them to see the cars behind you.

Use Hand Signals

Though many cyclists no longer use signals as often as they should, it’s important to do so as often as possible. If you are riding with traffic on a busy road, use right and left turn signals to alert other vehicles and drivers that you are turning and where.

Make eye contact with drivers if you can – this will allow you to see them ensures that they also see you. Be sure to wave and thank the drivers for allowing you the right of way.

Extra Tips

Some extra tips to ensure a safe bicycle trip include:

  • Avoid riding on or near loose gravel or dirt to prevent falling
  • Give pedestrians the right of way or let it be known you are riding by on sidewalks
  • Be sure all traffic can see you before making a turn
  • Follow traffic signs as if you were driving; for example, stop at a stop sign

Contact Bicycle Accident Lawyer

As careful as you may be, not all drivers pay as much attention to bicyclists as they should. With crowded streets and reckless, distracted drivers, sometimes it’s harder to prevent a bicycle accident than it needs to be. If you have the unfortunate run-in with a vehicle while bicycling on the road, contact bicycle accident lawyer at Fetterman & Associates online via our contact form or by calling 561-845-2510 immediately. We will provide you with a free case evaluation and get you the settlement you deserve.

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