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4 Things the Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

Insurance Company

Insurance companies are often quick to offer a settlement after reporting an injury. But, if you receive a settlement offer, do not accept it without speaking to a personal injury attorney first. Insurance companies are for-profit, meaning they don’t make any money when they pay money. That is why they instruct their insurance adjusters to do everything they can to reduce payout amounts and resolve claims quickly, often before the injured party knows the extent of his or her injuries.

If you have an insurance settlement offer coming in, do not accept it until you speak to an attorney. Be sure to also keep these things in mind that the insurance company doesn’t want you to know.

Insurance Companies are Not Your Friend

An insurance company, despite how nice they are, is not your friend. They are in the business of making money; therefore the less they give you after an injury, the more they will have in their pocket. Adjusters try to trick you into thinking they are your friend. They will be nice, pretend they understand what you are going through, but in the end it is their job to give you the lowest settlement possible.

They Don’t Want You to Hire an Attorney

If you have an attorney, insurance companies know they have to pay you more. That is why they will go out of their way to make attorneys seem greedy, lazy or as an unnecessary component to getting a settlement. Despite what they say, never accept a settlement without consulting an attorney.

Insurance Companies Will Tell You You’re Not Eligible – Even if You Are

Insurance adjusters are known for telling you injuries you cannot claim after an accident, even if they are legitimate and acceptable. They do this so that they can lower the amount they have to give you. They may also try to tell you that certain medical bills are not covered or that you are not entitled to pain and suffering compensation.

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Insurance Adjusters are Negotiators

An insurance adjuster is a practiced negotiator. They know how to get bottom dollar and they will do whatever it takes to do that. But, if you have an attorney, you can level the playing field because you have a skilled negotiator by your side.

Protect Your Rights and Receive Fair Compensation – Call a West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney

You are not obligated to accept a settlement and you have the right to consult an attorney. Do not discuss your claim or injury with insurance agents; instead, call a West Palm Beach car accident attorney from Fetterman & Associates, PA today. We offer free consultations and we can help you receive the settlement you deserve for your injuries. Call us at 561-845-2510.

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