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3 Important Things to Remember in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycles are extremely dangerous because of their size and relative lack of protection compared to other vehicles on the road. Usually, if a motorcycle is involved in an accident, the chances of having a serious or life-threatening injury significantly increase. You should remember these three important things if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

1. Get medical help immediately

You may not realize how seriously you are injured after a motorcycle accident. Internal injuries can be especially difficult to recognize after an accident, particularly because you may be in shock and cannot feel pain as well. Adrenaline can also mask pain, making you think that you are not injured until the excitement wears off and your body calms down after the initial shock.

Motorcyclists who have been involved in accidents are at an extremely high risk for severe injuries. At the very least, get checked out with the emergency response team to ensure that you do not have any life threatening injuries.

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2. If possible, move your bike out of traffic

After an accident, you should almost always try to move the vehicle(s) involved out of traffic so that they do not cause more accidents. Emergency response teams can be seriously injured or killed if they are hit by oncoming traffic while trying to render aid to accident victims.

Motorcycles are smaller and harder for oncoming traffic to see lying down, so it is especially important that they be moved as soon as possible to avoid future damage or injury. Do not try to start the bike, however.

There is a good chance that the accident caused damage to the bike that will make it dangerous to ride. Do not try to start it without having someone look at it who can detect problems with the electrical system or the gas tank.

3. Call a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible

In most motorcycle accidents that involve two vehicles, the other vehicle’s driver is at fault. Inattention due to cell phones or other electronics is a relatively common cause of motorcycle accidents.

If you were riding your motorcycle and were hit due to the fault of someone else, then you may have a personal injury claim where you can collect damages for medical expenses, damage to your motorcycle, lost wages, and more.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in West Palm Beach

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney is aware of the unique aspects of a motorcycle accident case and can help you with your claim. The careless driver that injured you should be responsible for their actions. Call your motorcycle accident lawyer in West Palm Beach today for help getting the compensation you deserve.

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