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3 Excuses Your Auto Insurance Company Will Give to Deny Your Claim

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After an auto accident, it is only natural to turn to your insurance carrier. After all, you have paid your premium on time for years, been a great driver, and now it’s their turn to pay you back. But, after going through the extensive claims process and paying out of pocket while you wait for reimbursement, you find that your claim was denied.

Insurance companies do not always approve claims. Often this is because they are looking for ways to get out of paying for someone else’s damages. In fact, the same three reasons they often use for denying most of the U.S. drivers come down to the following:


Liability is something that helps determine who should pay for another person’s losses and injuries in an accident. Your auto insurance carrier is legally required to pay if you are responsible for the accident. But, to avoid paying out on your behalf, your insurance carrier may try to deny that the accident was your fault.

Even if it was obvious you were at fault, your insurance agency may still try to put some of the blame on the injured. While this seems like it is in your favor, what your insurance company is doing is getting out of their responsibility to pay – leaving you to pay for the other party’s injuries and repairs from your own pocket.

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Denying Extent of Injuries

If your insurance carrier or the other party’s insurance carrier cannot put fault on someone else, they may try to deny the extent of your injuries or the injuries of the other party. This means they could try to refute that you were injured as bad as you claim, or have their own experts undercut your documented injuries. By performing their own in-house medical review, they will attempt to get out of paying any medical costs.

Denying the Accident Led to Your Injuries

If the injuries are present, but insurance carriers cannot deny their extent, they may turn to cause. This means they may try to claim that the accident did not cause your injuries. Soft-tissue damage, for example, is one injury that insurers will often try to deny, especially because your physician cannot prove it is accident related. Read more about whiplash following an accident.

What to do When Insurance Keeps Denying Your Claim

If your insurance company refuses to pay, regardless if you were at fault or not, you need to get the assistance of a skilled car accident lawyer (learn more about why you may need an attorney). The team at Fetterman & Associates, PA can help you with your accident case.

We will represent you against insurance companies, help you get your claims paid, and ensure your insurance carrier doesn’t try to abandon their responsibility. Call us today for a free consultation at 561-845-2510.

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