Understanding the Florida Personal Injury Process

Sustaining any personal injury can be traumatic. The physical toll it takes on your body can be just as damaging as the resulting psychological blow. In Florida or anywhere else in the country, for that matter, you can sustain injuries from: Assault and battery (together or separately) Car accident Medical malpractice or negligence Workplace Injury Dog bites Slip and Fall Accident A defective product manufactured by a third party Whatever the cause of your personal injury, your medical treatment can

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Top 5 Black Friday Shopping Injuries

When we think of the most dangerous place to be, most of us would mention certain parts of our cities. For example, we could think that construction sites are areas from which we need to distance ourselves. Another place can be just as unsafe, especially on Black Friday — shopping establishments.  The New York Post reported in 2020 that deaths and injuries have occurred on Black Friday. To date, there have been several casualties and more than a hundred serious

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Car Accidents While Visiting Florida

Florida is home to white sandy beaches, a mild subtropical climate, and — unfortunately — car crashes. More specifically, thousands of car crashes occur in the Sunshine State, with many involving tourists and snowbirds. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Florida is one of the most car accident-prone states. Since 2018, the Sunshine State has consistently been a place of thousands of car crashes. In total, daily car crash tallies by both residents and out-of-state drivers have remained above the

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Can I Sue for a Misdiagnosis in Florida ?

Providing a diagnosis is one of the most important roles of physicians. Without a diagnosis, patients and the rest of the medical team cannot take the necessary steps towards full recovery. However, sometimes a misdiagnosis occurs. A medical misdiagnosis can be costly and harmful. According to Florida’s Department of Health, diagnostic errors have resulted in billions of dollars in losses. Since 2008, the healthcare expenditure for decreasing the likeliness of medical misdiagnosis has accounted for a third of the state’s

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Are Tesla Self-Driving Cars Safe?

The idea of cars on autopilot seems like the stuff of science fiction. In pushing the boundaries of technology, Tesla has pioneered self-driving cars, which are supposed to be safer and more efficient on roads. Yet, the question remains: “Are its self-driving cars safer?” They can be, though there are some caveats to the safety of self-driving cars. With the documentation of self-driving car accidents, there is much trepidation — and this is not just felt by prospective buyers. Even

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Older Drivers and Florida Car Accidents

Florida is the Sunshine State. Living up to its name, the state boasts a sub-tropical climate and coastal cities that lure vacationers from all over the country. Without a doubt, Florida’s conditions make it a haven for retirees and other older people to visit during the winter. This “migration” even sparked the term for these individuals — snowbirds. As the number of snowbirds climbs, so does the number of car accidents in the state. For years, Florida has been one

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