Is It Legal To Ride A Bike With Headphones On in Florida?

Riding a bicycle is great fun, but your good time can turn into a disaster if you’re injured in an accident. There are many common causes of bicycle accidents, including but not limited to: Distracted driving, such as texting, talking on the phone, or eating and drinking. Drowsy driving, which is particularly common among commercial truckers. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Aggressive driving, such as excessive speeding. Failure to obey the Florida rules of the road. As

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Premises Liability: Steps To Take If Injured On Another Person’s Property

Think about all the times throughout the day when you’re on another person’s property. This holds true when you shop at the mall, visit a grocery store, step into your office building, and stop at the local coffee shop. No matter how cautious you may be, there’s always a chance that you could suffer an injury on another person’s property. For example, you could slip and fall at the grocery store as a result of a spill that wasn’t appropriately

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Are Personal Injury Settlements Taxable in Florida?

Did you recently receive proceeds from the settlement of a personal injury lawsuit in Florida? Are you concerned about the impact of the settlement award on your taxes? Of course, you are! You don’t want to find yourself with a large tax bill that you can’t afford to pay.  The IRS is aware that taxpayers have this concern. And that’s why there’s an entire guide on its website about the taxability of personal injury settlements. Before we get into the

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Injury Claims & Additur: A Florida Judge’s Power To Increase Jury Awards

Your personal injury case has just been finaled. The jury found in your favor but only granted you $50,000 for the losses you’ve encountered in your personal injury case. All the evidence you provided clearly showed that you sustained $150,000 in damages.  You’re unhappy with the financial outcome and feel like the jury gave a senseless low ball award. Now that the award is final, you begin to think, “Did those jurors make a mistake?” Upon request, a person filing

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