What to Do If the Other Driver is Uninsured

Owning a car and having it help you navigate around can be convenient and comfortable. Unfortunately, a vehicle having an accident is inevitable. Statistics indicate that about 13% of the USA’s drivers are uninsured. With a 26.7% rate of uninsured motorists, Florida emerges the highest compared to other US states. It is for this reason that vehicle owners are required to obtain automobile liability insurance. With this policy, it is easier to compensate or get compensated in case of an

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What is Premise Liability in Florida

Every property owner has to ensure the safety of any person that enters their property. Under Florida’s premise liability law, property owners are liable for any injuries a visitor sustains at their home or property. Premise liability claims in Florida are a form of negligence and are under the common law. Therefore, a person can seek compensation for their injuries or damages they incur in someone else’s property due to a defect or hazardous condition in the property. The law

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Signs of Malnutrition and Neglect in Nursing Homes

Nursing home neglect occurs when the residents of that facility are not fully cared for. Different forms of neglect fall under four main categories. These include neglect of personal hygiene, medical negligence, emotional neglect, and neglect of basic needs. Some of the common signs of neglect in assisted living facilities include malnutrition, falls, dehydration, withdrawal behavior, poor personal hygiene, bedsores, and more. This article focuses on malnutrition as a sign of neglect in a nursing home. What’s malnutrition? According to WHO,

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