How to Prove a Truck accident was Caused by Sleep Apnea

According to several studies, sleep apnea is linked with a substantial increase in motor vehicle accidents. Sleep apnea is one of the conditions that can cause excessive daytime sleepiness, and it is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents. Almost all the time, victims of sleep apnea are not aware of their condition, and if it was a factor that led to the accident. What is Sleep Apnea? Sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder that affects many

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Most Dangerous Intersections in St Lucie County and Martin County Florida

With highway intersections bringing multiple roads and opposing traffic directions together, it’s no surprise that these are the most common locations for accidents. However, all intersections in Martin County and St Lucie County are not created the same. Some happen to be more dangerous than others because of their specific characteristics such as high traffic levels, several roads intersecting, multiple lanes, blind spots, regular sun glare, etc. If you live or drive in Martin County and St Lucie County, knowing

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Florida roadways, a trap? Know How to protect yourself from financial disaster!

You are on your way home, it has been a beautiful day.  You stop for the red light and while you are waiting, you hear metal crunch and glass break as you are violently shoved forward against the seatbelt. You have just been struck in the rear by a driver who was not paying attention. You are dazed, your head hurts, you hope everything will be okay. The police and the paramedics arrive. Your car is destroyed. You need to

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