Understanding Rollover Accidents in Florida

There are millions of drivers on the roads in the state of Florida. This is one of the factors that make car accidents a very common occurrence. One of the most potentially dangerous types of car accidents that may occur is a rollover accident. This occurs when a vehicle flips either side over side or end over end. The total amount o weight that is involved may cause more injuries, than in any other type of accident that may occur.

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Understanding Truck Accidents and the Statute of Limitations in Florida

There are countless big trucks on the road, traveling across the country every day of the year. More specifically, there are over 15.5 million of them transporting an array of goods throughout North America. This large presence of trucks throughout the country and the state of Florida makes it common for these trucks to be involved with passenger vehicles, often causing devastating consequences for the people in the vehicle. Serious injuries caused by a truck accident can result in serious,

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Understanding the “Hours of Service” Rule that Truckers Must Follow

There’s no question that the trucking industry is extremely demanding. For many decades, truck drivers have been pushed to work as much as possible for the trucking companies that have hired them. With the growth in popularity of online shopping and the presence of an aging workforce, the demands being placed on both trucking companies and truck drivers are growing even more. In many situations, truck drivers are asked to spend a dangerous number of hours on the road. The

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Are You at Risk: The Growing Concern of Pharmacy Errors

From nausea and headaches to the possibility of death, medication errors are serious and can cause harm and injuries in many ways. Unfortunately, the occurrence of pharmacy related errors and mistakes are only growing. In letters that have been sent to various state regulatory boards, there are some pharmacists at large chains like Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS that have described chaotic and understaffed workplaces where it has become difficult to do their job safely without putting the public at

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What to Do if Your Child is Injured in a Florida Bicycle Accident

Virtually every child loves the feeling of freedom that only riding a bicycle has to offer. Regardless of if they are taking a trip around the block to a friend’s house, just seeing what’s going on in the neighborhood, or practicing a new trick they have learned, bike riding provides several hours of entertainment – no screen needed. Unfortunately, there is also inherent danger involved with bike riding for kids. Accidents can occur in many ways. They may involve the

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