Booming Scooter Rental Business in Florida Increases Risk of Accidents and Injuries

The use of electric scooters is gaining traction throughout urban hubs in the state of Florida. There are several cities that have already invested in the “bicycle share programs” while some of them even offer “dockless” locations. The success of these alternative modes of transportation that are cheaper and better for the environment have prompted many people to ditch their four wheels and hop on a scooter to get from point A to point B. While this seems like a

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Who is Liable for an Airbnb Accident?

Today is called the digital age. It is a time of smartphones and social media. Harnessing this power is something that many companies are doing to give small-town motels and large hotel chains a run for their money, such as Airbnb. With just a few clicks in the easy-to-use app, you can book temporary lodgings in over 80,000 cities around the world, making it a great option for weekend getaways, spring breaks, holiday vacations, business trips, and more. Today Airbnb

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