The Top 4 Lasting Effects of Identity Theft

Technology has put the entire world at our fingertips, making it easier to connect with people, learn new things, and stay entertained. However, technology has also made our personal information more vulnerable than ever. Identity theft is a serious problem across the United States, leaving people’s personal information, financial accounts, and credit history exposed. After your identity has been stolen, it’s crucial to work with an identity theft lawyer to catch every way that your information has been compromised and

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Pedestrian Killed in Fatal Hit-and-Run Accident in Florida

Pedestrian-friendly cities dot the landscape of the United States, but few are found in Florida. Unfortunately, most years, Florida is at or near the top of the list for pedestrian accidents. In fact, in 2017, Florida ranked second overall for both pedestrian deaths and number of accidents involving pedestrians. Experts believe that impaired driving could play a significant role in the occurrence of these types of accidents, as well as the rising use of cell phones. Factors in Pedestrian Accidents

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5 Safety Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

Every time you turn on the news, there are new reports of catastrophic motorcycle accidents. An early morning crash in Miami left six dead in August. After a car stopped to help a motorcyclist involved in a minor accident, a van swerved onto the shoulder, hitting the car and several people standing on the side of the road. The van collided with another stopped car, pushing it into the motorcycle. In total, the crash left six people dead. The van

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5 Things to Do When You’re the Victim of Identity Theft

You’ve opened your credit card statement and found a slew of unauthorized charges, or maybe your debit card was declined because someone wiped out your entire account. Or perhaps your social security number ended up on the dark web. No matter how you’ve been alerted to identity theft, you must act quickly. The effects of identity theft can be devastating, and you need to inform all affected parties as soon as possible to prevent damage to your credit. 1. Contact

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