How and When Can You File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Schools and Agencies?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), from 2004 to 2013 there were 340,039 fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes in the United States. Of these, 4%, (or 1,214 crashes) were classified as “school transportation-related”, which means that they involved a school bus or other vehicle serving as a school bus to transport children to and from school or related activities, such as field trips or sports events. The NHTSA reported that, on average, about 134 fatalities occur in

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Who is Liable for a Trampoline Accident?

Getting hurt on a trampoline does not always mean that someone is at fault. However, when a trampoline accident is caused by the property owner’s negligence or another party, the injured person may be able to file a personal injury claim and recover compensation for damages, including medical bills, pain, and suffering, lost income, etc. The property owner is not the only one you can file a claim against – you may also be able to file a viable claim

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Highway Safety: 5 Tips to Avoid Truck Accidents

It is a no-brainer that truck accidents can cause rather devastating and lasting injuries. According to a report issued by the United States Department of Transportation, close to 3,964 people died and over 95,000 were injured in crashes that involved commercial and other large trucks in the year 2013. However, like most other accidents, truck accidents can be prevented. Listed below are a few tips to avoid truck accidents. Driving Tips to Help Prevent Truck Accidents Once you have managed

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What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability cases fall under the umbrella of personal injury law. These types of cases dealing with the injuries that are caused by the failure of a property owner to warn visitors of potential hazards or maintain their property. Some of the most common types of premises liability cases including assaults, construction accidents that harm someone visiting, assaults that take place due to inadequate security, and slip and fall cases. Duty of Care in Premises Liability Cases The duty of

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