Who is To Blame for Pedestrian Accidents at Night?

According to research from NHSTA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) a pedestrian is struck and fatally injured every 120 minutes in the U.S. A pedestrian is struck and suffers less severe injuries in some traffic related accident every eight minutes. Most of these fatalities, approximately 78% of them, take place in urban areas. Also, in most of these situations, approximately 72% occur while it is dark out. As a result, it is easy to assume that the risk of

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Injuries Common in Motorcycle Accidents

The warmer weather of summer is just right around the corner. As the temperature outside heats up, more and more motorcycle owners will hit the road. Hitting the road on your bike is a thrill and a great way to clear your mind. This hobby does come with a great deal of danger. Each year, nearly 88.000 people are injured on motorcycles. Being involved in this type of accident can be very damaging to both your motorcycle and your body.

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How You Can Avoid Being in a Car Accident

Driving is probably something you do on a daily basis without much thought. Each day, nearly 214 million drivers take to the roadways of America. With all of the drivers, an accident is bound to happen. If you are like most drivers, avoiding an accident at all costs is probably a top concern. While avoiding an accident may seem fairly simple, it is anything but. There are a number of things you can do when trying to keep yourself and

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Laws That Every Truck Driver Must Abide By

Statistics show that nearly 13% of the 15.5 million trucks on the roadways in America are equipped with tractor trailers. These trucks are used to transport goods from one part of the country to another in a timely manner. There are a variety of industries who rely on truckers to get their products where they are needed. Over 500,000 trucking accidents occur on a yearly basis and nearly 5,000 of these accidents will cause fatalities. There are a number of

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Great Tools to Help West Palm Beach Residents Avoid Distracted Driving

In the technologically advanced world of today, most people have a variety of mobile devices they carry with them at all time. While these devices can be helpful, they can also be dangerous when used while driving. Studies show that drivers who use handheld devices are four times more likely to get into an accident. In order to avoid these type of distracted driving accidents, you will need to find the right tools to help you. Below are some of

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