Things to Remember When Recovering From a Head Injury

Being involved in an accident can be a very scary and stressful experience. A lot of injuries can arise as a result of an accident. Dealing with head injuries can be a very complex and worrisome time in your life. There are a number of things you will need to do when trying to heal properly from a head injury. Trying to push your limits during this time of recovery can backfire and cause a lot of additional issues. When

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Accident Lawyer Discusses: Mistakes to Avoid after a Car Accident

Getting to work or dropping the kids off at school on time it is amazing how much time we spend driving in a car. Navigating your way around the roadways in West Palm Beach area on a daily basis can be very dangerous and other people’s negligence could lead to you being involved in a car accident. There will be times when a car accident will be unavoidable. If and when you are involved in a car accident in the

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4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Safety While Behind the Wheel

If you are like most people, you drive your car on a daily basis. Whether trying to make it to work on time or dropping the kids off at soccer practice, maintaining a high level of safety while behind the wheel should be a top concern. Many car accidents can be avoided with just a bit of planning and the right car maintenance. Taking the time to figure out what can be done to keep you and your family safe

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3 Types of Catastrophic Injuries that May Result in Paralysis

There is no question that paralysis can be a devastating condition that may significantly change the life of the victim, as well as their family. Victims who suffer from a paralyzing injury typically need extensive medical treatment, ongoing physical therapy and other types of long-term care. In most cases, these individuals have to use a wheelchair or some other type of assistive device. In other situations, they have to find a different job or may not be able to return

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Preventing Personal Injury When Driving In the Rain

The weather in the tropics can be unpredictable. Clear skies can give way to heavy downpour in a matter of minutes. Florida, the only state on continental America with a tropical climate, is occasionally pummeled by heavy rain and powerful thunderstorms. Rain always calls for extra caution among drivers. A failure to recognize the changes in road conditions increases the likelihood of injury through an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rain is a factor in

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