Car Accidents Due to Driver Impairment

While we may not think about it much after being behind the wheel for years, driving is one of the most complex activities that a person will regularly engage in. You have to wield a broad range of cognitive abilities that are required to make rapid judgment on distances, speed, traffic signs and dynamic situations on the road. When driving over long distances, you have to be highly alert for extended periods. This is why medical impairment is such an

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The Risk of Accidents Increases with Underinflated Tires

A recent study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration highlighted the dangers related to worn-out and Underinflated tires. While hundreds of accidents occur on the roads in Florida each day, because of a huge array of reasons, Underinflated tires play a bigger role than many people are aware of. The study focused on data from the years of 2005 to 2007 before there were tire-pressure monitoring systems being installed on vehicles. This data revealed that vehicles that drove on

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Will Self-Driving Trucks Help Reduce Accidents

Truck accidents are a serious issue in the state of Florida. Not only do these accidents occur more frequently than they should, but they often result in tragic consequences. According to a report from the Large Truck and Bus Overview, which is created by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were 3,978 large trucks and buses involved in fatal accidents in 2014. These collisions resulted in 4,161 fatalities. Florida is considered one of the top 10 states for bus

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Improve Visibility with New Motorcycle Safety Equipment and Gear

Visibility is one of the biggest worries when considering the hazards associated with riding a motorcycle. This is one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents in Florida. This, along with the fact that 32% of motorcyclists in Florida believing they should not have to wear a helmet while on the road, leads to accidents being severe if not devastating when they occur. Due to the large number of devastating motorcycle accidents that occur in Florida, and all across the

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Tractor Trailer Blind Spots: Stay Aware While on the Road

A wreck with a tractor trailer is typically always worse and more serious than a collision that involves two passenger vehicles. The fact is, semi-trucks are faster and bigger than cars. According to research from the IIHS – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety – tractor trailers weigh 20 to 30 times more than the average passenger vehicle. When a semi wreck does occur, the possibility of fatalities is much higher. In the majority of situations, those who pass away are

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Car Accidents- What You Need to Know If You Are In One

According to ASIRT, more six million drivers will be in car accidents this year in the United States. Even though most of these only involve property damage, there are certain things that you should know and do no matter what the severity of your accident.  Here is a handy checklist of the things our legal team at Fetterman & Associates believe are most important. STOP. You should never leave the scene of an accident no matter how minor you believe

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