The Consequences and Dangers of Distracted Driving

When you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, your top priority should be to avoid danger. However, due to a large number of dangers on the road, it is often impossible to avoid them all. One of the biggest and most dangerous dangers is your cell phone. The fact is, most people view their phone as an extension of themselves. As a result, this is one of the leading causes of distracted driving accidents. If you are injured in

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What Happens If You Are Injured in an Out of Town Car Accident?

Car accidents are common all over the United States, but especially in tourist destinations. Florida is not just well-known for its sun and sand, but for its heavy traffic which makes car accidents likely. Below is an overview of personal injury law and how it can help you if you are injured in an out of town car accident. If you or someone you care about was injured in an accident, it may be helpful for you to speak with

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Carrier Liability in Trucking Accidents

One of the fundamental principles of common law is that anyone who has been injured in an accident has the right to receive compensation for their injuries. The only difficulty in applying this principle lies in determining who should bear the responsibility, or “liability,” for paying that compensation. Except in rare cases where the responsible party is self-insured, the burden for the payment of damages will usually fall to an insurance carrier. In order to shift the burden of liability

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11 Safe Driving Tips for The Holidays

Heading out on the road to visit friends and family over the holiday season is an exciting opportunity, but it is also one that can be extremely dangerous if you are not prepared. Given that more people are out on the roads and that weather conditions can decline over the winter months, you need to bear in mind that following these safety tips could actually save your life and prevent you from being involved in a catastrophic personal injury accident.

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