Florida Hit and Run Boating Accident Leaves Man with Partial Amputation

It’s summer season and there are many boats to be found out on the glorious waters of Florida. It’s important to pay attention to the dangers associated with boating and always keep safety top of the mind when you’re going out on any watercraft, as a recent story illustrates. One man lost part of his legs in a recent boating accident in St. Augustine. According to officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, a ski boat struck the

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First Fatality for Self-Driving Car Occurred in Florida

Car accidents occur every day in Florida, and self-driving cars are one way that manufacturers are trying to reduce the number of people injured in these accidents. New stories, however, are raising a lot of questions about legal issues in self-driving vehicle accidents and whether these cars are as safe and prepared as they could be. If you have already been hurt in a car accident, you know just how much an incident like this can change your life. Many

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Two of the Deadliest Highways in the Country Runs Straight Through Florida

It might come as no surprise to anyone who spends any time on I-95 and other roads in Florida that the state is home to two of the deadliest highways in the country. Individuals who live in the area are used to seeing accidents along the shoulder of this road, but now research backs up just how dangerous these roads can be. I-95 stretches from Miami to Maine and is the second deadliest highway in the country. In 2014 alone,

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The Debate Over Self-Driving Cars Now Includes a Moral Component

Plenty of research studies have analyzed the potential benefits of self-driving cars, but there have also been other research studies indicating that despite these benefits, consumers simply are not interested in automated cars. That being said, Google and other companies are still working to bring these vehicles to the roadways, presenting curious legal and ethical questions. Have you been injured recently in a car accident caused by human error? If so, did you know that you might be able to

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