The Surprising Truth Behind Road Rage

Many individuals joke about road rage, but it can be serious. In some events, road rage can lead to accidents so severe that they involve serious damage and injuries. Some even call for a car accident attorney West Palm Beach. Unfortunately, road rage is a serious issue, and causes more car accidents across Florida than you might be aware of… As appalling as it may be, some drivers intentionally engage in road rage and aggressive behaviors. They do things like

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Why Hip Replacement Lawsuits Are on the Rise

Millions of people in the United States have some kind of medical implant, whether it be a surgical mesh or an artificial joint, such as a hip replacement. Recently, several medical implants have been scrutinized by researchers who released their reports on these devices in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). According to their studies, the majority of medical implants do not receive enough testing before they are placed in people’s bodies. Looking for further evidence to support

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Why You Need Legal Help After a Garbage Truck Accident in Florida

You may have heard of the garbage truck accident that happened on I-95 in Miami on February 15th, 2016. The garbage truck actually fell off a ramp on I-95 and landed in the Jose Marti Park parking lot. The driver was thrown from the vehicle. He visited Jackson memorial hospital afterwards to be checked out, and miraculously he was not seriously injured or killed. Check out a video of this accident here. The Florida Highway Patrol believes that it was

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The Top 4 Scariest Causes of Tractor-Trailer Crashes

Tractor-trailers are the biggest vehicles on the road and operating them requires special training and skill. Additionally, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires carriers and drivers to follow specific rules when it comes to maintenance, driving hours, record-keeping, and other important tasks. Unfortunately, carriers and drivers alike sometimes allow a quest for profits to compromise safety. When they cut corners or disregard regulations, people can get seriously hurt. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, semi-trucks are

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Staggering Facts You Should Know about Burn and Spinal Cord Injuries

Any type of catastrophic injury can dramatically and permanently change a person’s life. Burns and spinal cord injuries are two types of catastrophic injuries that leave victims with years and sometimes even a lifetime of recovery and rehabilitation. Immediate needs, such as surgery and other procedures, are usually overshadowed by long-term care requirements, such as the need for every day personal care and durable medical equipment. In many cases, these injury victims must also contend with lifelong medical inconveniences, such

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Your Most Influential Teacher in the Scholarship Project

At Fetterman & Associates, we are privileged not only to serve as West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys, but also as being recognized for our commitment to helping young people in the community succeed. Academic excellence should be rewarded. But what about the educators who work so hard to make sure students have the education and preparation they need to pursue their goals? The Third Annual Fetterman & Associates Scholarship Project rewards students while recognizing the tremendous dedication of the

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Where to Find a Personal Injury Attorney After a Tourist Accident

People travel from all over the country to visit Florida or even relocate to call Florida their home. In fact, there are tens of millions of tourists who visit Miami, Palm Beach, Orlando, and other Florida locales every single year. Learn more about tourism in Florida here. But regardless of whether you are in Florida as a tourist, annual visitor, or resident, what happens if you are involved in an accident? Read on to learn more about what to do

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How Your Smartphone Can Help After A Car Accident

In the immediate moments after a crash, it can be difficult to think clearly and determine what to do next. While this is completely understandable, this is also where most accident victims make the most mistakes in terms of filing a successful insurance claim afterwards. But ironically, one of the most helpful tools accident victims have on them at the time of a crash – and is often one of the very things that cause accidents – is a Smartphone.

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