The Biggest Problems with Commercial Truck Accidents (and What You Can Do About Them)

It’s probably not at all as surprise to hear about the many trucking accidents that occur on a daily basis in Florida. In fact, these numbers are even a little scary. There were approximately 3800 fatal accidents involving a truck in 2012 alone, which was a 5 percent increase from the year before. This problem only continues to worsen rather than improve with time, making commercial truck accidents a big problem in Florida. If you have been involved in a

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6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe During Spring Break

In the next month, school-age children through college students will be embarking on spring break. While spring break is an exciting and fun time of year, it can also be a dangerous time of year—especially if you aren’t capable. Additionally, Florida is a popular spring break destination each year. Check out this article by USA Today on the top Spring Break destinations for 2016. Whether your children are still in grade school, teenagers or college-age young adults, it is important

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What Injuries Are Covered Under SSD Benefits?

While many people think of social security as a means of receiving retirement benefits, the program also offers compensation to individuals who have suffered disabling injuries that prevent them from working. This is covered as social security disability (SSD). Not all injuries are eligible to receive disability benefits, but a West Palm Beach social security attorney reveals a detailed evaluation and filing criteria that may lead to many missing out on the relieving benefits. According to the Social Security Act,

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4 Important Questions Bicyclists and Pedestrians Should Ask

Bicyclists and pedestrians can be both be severely injured in the event of an accident involving another vehicle like a car or truck. No matter what kind of vehicle was involved in your Florida bicycling accident, you probably have many questions about what this means for your future and the next steps you should take to protect yourself. Sadly, accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists in Florida can leave behind catastrophic damage and injuries. How you choose to handle the situation

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How Motorcycles, Bicyclists, and Trucks Can Be a Deadly Combination

    The hard truth is that when a bicyclist or motorcyclist gets into a “fight” (or accident) with a car or truck, they will always lose. Riding a motorcycle or bicycle are both very common in Florida all year round, especially with mild winters. Therefore, trucks and cars need to pay special attention to these smaller vehicles to avoid an accident. Find out more about motorcycle accidents with a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney here. Trucks and Bikes

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5 Facts on Fatigued Driving that Will Wake You Up

In today’s society, the average American rarely gets enough sleep. This could be the reason that accidents involving fatigued drivers seem to occur over and over again. In fact, in the past year, roughly 168 million Americans have driven while drowsy. Of those, another 103 million people have actually fallen asleep at the wheel. Drivers who fall asleep are often repeat offenders—13 percent said they fall asleep about once per month! Roughly 11 million drivers report that they have either

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How to Detect Financial Abuse in a Nursing Home

Financial abuse is often under-reported. This may be because those who suffer through this type of abuse are not always aware that they are being taken advantage of or cannot express their disapproval in a meaningful way. In fact, one source reports that there are over 500,000 elderly people who are victims of financial scams every year. Financial abuse of the elderly, including those in nursing homes, costs victims between $2.6 and $3 billion annually. Learn more about the facts

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