3 Important Things to Remember in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are extremely dangerous because of their size and relative lack of protection compared to other vehicles on the road. Usually, if a motorcycle is involved in an accident, the chances of having a serious or life-threatening injury significantly increase. You should remember these three important things if you are involved in a motorcycle accident. 1. Get medical help immediately You may not realize how seriously you are injured after a motorcycle accident. Internal injuries can be especially difficult to

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6 Ways to Keep Your Children Safe From Injury This Holiday Season

One of the most important holiday gifts you are going to give your children this year is not something that you have to wrap or tie with a brightly colored ribbon; it is not going to be a play set or electronic game. The best gift that you could give your children is a safe and injury-free holiday season. Children are at an increased risk of injury—especially during the holiday season. Many of these accidents happen in the home, and

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What Are Survivor Rights in Florida?

If someone you love has paid the ultimate price for another person’s negligence, then you and other relevant family members may be eligible to file a wrongful death case in West Palm Beach. It goes without saying that losing a loved one suddenly is anyone’s worst nightmare. The pain and grief associated with an accident can become amplified when you know that another person’s actions are at fault for your loss. You might feel angry, confused, shocked, and overwhelmed with

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Long-Term Care after an Auto Accident in West Palm Beach

All personal injury accidents have the potential to change your life, but a catastrophic car accident can change it forever. For many car accident injury victims, life after the accident is never the same. Injuries from a serious car accident can be earth-shattering, and they typically leave victims with permanent disabilities that require ongoing therapy, long-term medical care, and perpetual lifestyle changes. A large number of injury victims will never work again, creating a tremendous burden for themselves and their

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Why You Should Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in Port St. Lucie After an Accident

Truck accidents can be very complicated. While it is possible to handle your own truck accident case, it really isn’t a good idea. In fact, arguing your own personal injury case might be a poor choice at any time, but it is an especially poor idea when a commercial truck is involved. Commercial trucks are commonly involved in accidents, which means that their attorneys are also very experienced in the unique aspects of truck accidents. Using a truck accident attorney

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How Social Security and Disability Benefits Work in Florida

What qualifies as a disability when it comes to determining eligibility for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits is a highly technical and complicated area of law. If you believe you may be entitled to SSD or SSI benefits, it is important to speak with a West Palm Beach social security attorney to determine your eligibility and maximize your chances of getting the benefits you need. How Does the Social Security Administration Decide If Someone Is

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