How to Estimate Your Personal Injury Claims Damages

Car accident settlements depend on a few factors: the strength of your case and the extent of your losses (which are referred to as “damages”). When you are trying to figure out how much your personal injury claim is worth, you are better off speaking with a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer. But, there are things you can do to familiarize yourself with how losses are calculated in order to fully understand how those numbers are determined. The Strength

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Top 5 Types of Personal Injury Cases

Although they vary greatly from each person to his or her accident, personal injuries have several things in common: they can take a major toll on a person’s physical and mental health as well as impact daily activities. Below we’ve listed five of the most common types of personal injuries that Florida personal injury attorneys at the law offices of Fetterman & Associates, PA can successfully handle for you or surviving family members in a court of law. 1. Premise

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Car Accident Claims: Should You Just Settle Yourself?

You may think that there is no need to hire an attorney for those routine car accident claims. Thanks to the Internet, there is a plethora of information available regarding the legal process of a car accident claim. While it is true a minor fender bender may be something you can handle on your own—especially if there are no injuries—even these minor accidents require the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. Before you attempt to file and settle your own

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What You Need to Know about Burn Injuries

There are three types of burn injuries– first-degree, second-degree, and third degree. Each type brings its own severity and even risk for death. Depending on the situation, burn injuries can result in a personal injury case. Here is some information on the different types of burn injuries. First-Degree Burns Often called “superficial burns” because they generally affect only the outermost layer of skin, first-degree burns cause minimal to mild skin damage. Common first-degree burn symptoms include: Mild pain and inflammation

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Avoid the ER This Summer: Top 5 Injuries for Kids in the Summer

Summer time means more time outdoors playing and having fun. But, it also means an increase in the number of people seen in local emergency rooms. By being aware of the most common injuries, you can keep your family safe. 5 Most Common Summer Injuries – And How to Avoid Them 1. Heatstroke – Heatstroke can happen even if you are out in the hot summer sun for just a short time. Make sure your kids are well hydrated while

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Evan Fetterman Attends APITLA National Interstate Trucking Conference

Contact: Kelly Moderwell June 3, 2015Fetterman & Associates, PAkelly@lawteamstaging.wpengine.com561-845-2510 Evan Fetterman Attends Interstate Trucking Conference NORTH PALM BEACH, FL – EVAN FETTERMAN has just returned from the APITLA National Interstate Trucking Conference held this year in St. Louis, Missouri. APITLA, the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America, is a national association of committed lawyers who have joined together to help eliminate unsafe and illegal interstate trucking practices. Each APITLA member has pledged to work to achieve our mission

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Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Basically, there are three qualifications you must meet to qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD): You must be younger than retirement age, which is currently age 65. You must have worked jobs that are covered by Social Security, and earned enough work credits to qualify for Social Security Disability. You must meet the disability requirements as set forth by the Social Security Administration (SSA). 1. Younger Than Retirement Age Typically, Social Security Disability is available to people who are younger

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