New Booster Seat Law Keeps Florida Children Safe

It is tragic, but true: Car accidents cause more fatalities and injuries to children than any other cause. However, in the state of Florida, a new law will go into effect at the beginning of 2015 that will hopefully help significantly reduce the number of fatalities and injuries caused to children. Unfortunately, Florida remains one of the only states in the nation that allows the use of seat belts for children between the ages of four and five. Most are

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How The Affordable Care Act Affects Medical Malpractice in the Future

How will The Affordable Care Act affect medical malpractice in the future?  This is an important question because medical malpractice is a huge issue in the United States. The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act essentially excluded medical malpractice from its legislation. First of all, what is The Act? It accomplishes several key goals: ● Pair all uninsured citizens with health insurance ● Eliminate the denial of insurance for specific individuals ● Prevent providers from charging more for pre-existing conditions

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Why We Risk Everything to Drive Faster

We’re all guilty of speeding at one time or another. Being late for an appointment can simply cause us to drive faster, as can being in the middle of an emergency, amongst so many other causes. Often we don’t even feel the increase in speed, so we don’t notice the threat we pose until we’re pulled over or cause an accident. Understanding the three primary reasons why we speed however can help us learn the triggers and prevent this habit

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Joan Rivers’ doctor took selfie, began biopsy before her cardiac arrest

Even celebrities may suffer from negligent medical care.  While all the talk about the unfortunate death of Joan Rivers is just a lot of speculation, anytime a tragedy results from medical care there are never any answers until a proper investigation is done.  As malpractice attorneys that is what we do.  Sometimes the results are unavoidable, however many times when there are tragic results it may be due to improper care. If you have questions about Medical Malpractice or your

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Disabilities Can Result From Substance Abuse

Yes, it is true — substance abuse can cause disabilities. These disabilities therefore can quality a person for Medicaid/Medicare benefits, as well as Social Security Disability. Addiction Treatment Magazine published a recent study noting that abusers eventually develop permanent damage of some type for which they can receive benefits. The truth is this is a terrible situation, but at least help is available. The problems developed by substance abusers include physical or behavioral changes. Substances affect the central nervous system

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The Significance of Negligence in a Personal Injury Case

What Exactly is Negligence in Regards to a Personal Injury Case? Understanding negligence is important not just for your West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys, but for yourself as well. Too many victims of negligence do not understand the ramifications and as a result do not pursue a case. They remain victims and never receive justice or compensation for their pain and suffering. Negligence means that a person breached their duty of care to you, no matter the nature of

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How to Handle an Uninsured Motorist Accident

There’s nothing worse than an auto accident except one that involves a motorist who is uninsured. When you have been injured and have incurred significant damage to your property, you need to receive the justice you deserve to properly recover. When another driver is uninsured, you rightly feel exposed to astronomical costs that can easily accompany a serious automobile accident. However, there are steps you can take, listed below, to protect yourself: call the authorities and medical personnel, check your

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4 Tips to Safely Riding a Bicycle

There are many benefits to riding a bicycle. It is easy to get around, it’s great exercise, it’s cheap, and it’s environmentally friendly. Choosing to ride a bicycle in a large city can be a great way to get involved with your community. However, with a large number of commuters and individuals biking, the risk for accidents increases. If you choose to ride a bicycle for recreational purposes or for commuting to work, be sure to follow all necessary safety

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