Local Radio Personality Named as Defendant in Personal Injury Suit

A tragic boating precipitated the death of a local man, and spurred a lawsuit for monetary damages. The personal injury lawsuit alleges that but for the negligence of the defendants, the death of the twenty-three-year-old victim would never have happened. The complaint, filed by attorneys representing the deceased victims parents, set forth that DJ Laz’s unlawful behavior caused the death of Ernesto Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez was killed in an attempt to free a boat captained by DJ Laz, whose given

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Fetterman & Associates Announce The $1000 Scholarship Winners!

Contact:  Kelly Moderwell                                                    April 23, 2014Fetterman & Associates, PAkelly@lawteamstaging.wpengine.com561-845-2510 Fetterman & Associates Announce The $1000 Scholarship Winners! NORTH PALM BEACH, FL – The Law Team of Fetterman & Associates would like to thank all the participants in our “Most Influential Teacher” essay contest. The students’ essays honored their teachers with inspirational stories and we appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort put forth in all the essays. While we wish everyone could have been an award winner, we are proud to announce

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The Dangers of Small Group Personal Training

What is Small Group Personal Training? Small Group Personal training has become a more common trend in the fitness community during the last years. As these types of training programs spread, it is important that the groups are conducted in a way that allows the participants to perform the activity while minimizing their risks for injury. Due to the fact that it can deliver an effective workout, it has grown in popularity. Because trainers can lead these programs without having

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