Cleanliness, Infection, Statute of Limitations & Hospital Medical Malpractice

News channel WWLTV reported recently on a Children’s Hospital admittance to a mistake that cost five young patients their lives.  The hospital confirmed that the patients contracted a fatal fungus from bed linens at the facility.  In other words, these wrongful deaths could have been prevented.   The fungal infection, called mucormycosis, killed the five children five years ago.  Each child was already fighting serious diseases before being infected.  The outbreak stretched over a one-year period between 2008 and 2009. 

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The Heartbleed Mega Bug Threatens Internet Security Worldwide

In recent weeks countless news stories shed light on the so-called “Heartbleed bug” and its pervasive reach threatening internet security and potential ramifications including identity theft. It has been deemed as “catastrophic” by industry experts, but what is it? Understanding the Danger The Heartbleed bug works by creating a pathway into security software. Unfortunately, the security software made vulnerable is some of the most widely used protection for sensitive information used on the internet. The software affected is the OPenSSL,

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Getting Social Security Disability Benefits May Take Longer Due to Cuts

News is out that staffing cuts at the Social Security Administration (SSA), which occurred during the 2013 fiscal year, will have an impact on those seeking timely hearings. In September 2012, the SSA had 65,113 workers; a year later, that number had been reduced to 62,543. Over the past three years due to cutbacks, the SSA has lost a total of 11,000 employees. What this translates into is a backup in processing claims on all levels, more pressure on workers,

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Florida Truck Accidents May Increase Due to Driver Shortages in 2014

So often truck accidents and personal injuries to other drivers and to pedestrians are caused by either truck driver fatigue or inexperience. There’s a problem looming that may cause truck collisions to increase due to both fatigue and inexperience. These include a shortage of drivers and new regulations governing the trucking industry. Truck Driver Age Issues Driver shortages in the trucking industry are related to numerous issues, including the aging population in the U.S. The median age for Americans according

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