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18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

18 Wheeler Truck Accidents
18 Wheeler Truck Accidents
Semi-trucks, also referred to as 18-wheelers, are on the roads daily in the state of Florida. They help drive Florida’s economy and they are the reason the products you buy are on the shelves at your local retail or department stores. Unfortunately, semi-trucks are also responsible for multiple deadly and devastating accidents each year. While there are dozens of reasons an 18-wheeler can be involved in an accident, several causes are more common. If you have been injured in an accident with a commercial truck, 18-wheeler accident lawyers in Florida can help ensure your medical bills, lost wages, and suffering are taken into consideration when obtaining a fair and just settlement.

Common Causes for 18-Wheeler Accidents

Distracted Driving – Whether it is from using a navigation system, or texting or talking on the phone, distracted driving can take an 18-wheeler operator’s eyes away from the road. ● Drunk Driving – While rather uncommon for 18-wheeler operators, drinking and driving does happen. Sometimes a driver may have a drink or two on his or her break, only to feel the effects later, resulting in deadly truck accidents. ● Driver Fatigue – This is the most common cause for 18-wheeler accidents in the United States. Due to the high pressure on trucking companies to meet delivery demands, coupled with severe labor shortages, more drivers are on the road for twenty-four hours straight without adequate rest. As the driver becomes fatigued, his or her response times are delayed which ultimately causes an accident. ● Speeding – When a driver is under pressure to meet a delivery deadline, he or she may speed up to unsafe speeds to meet those demands. Attempting to stop an 18-wheeler in an emergency isn’t easy. This is another reason why truck accidents occur so often. ● Weather – Severe or inclement weather, such as ice, snow or rain, can cause an 18-wheeler to lose control, jack-knife or slide into other vehicles. ● Improper Maintenance – Because some trucking companies don’t have the time to take a truck out of commission for maintenance and repairs, these trucks then become prone to accidents. For example, brakes or tires were not properly replaced, leading to tire blowouts.

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