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11 Types of Florida Personal Injuries

No one wants to find themselves as the victim of a personal injury lawsuit, but unfortunately, this happens all too often. There are several different kinds of things that can lead to a personal injury lawsuit.

A personal injury lawsuit is used to define a situation in which one or more individuals are significantly injured due to someone else’s reckless or negligent behavior. The injured parties may have recourse against any liable individuals or entities by pursuing a personal injury claim.

There are many different ways that a personal injury accident can happen, and victims may be left with lifelong disabilities, scarring, and other permanent medical conditions that influence their life.

The aftermath of a personal injury accident often leaves the victim struggling with being able to return to work or live his or her life normally as they did prior to the accident. This is just one of the reasons why Florida enables victims to pursue a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in West palm Beach, Florida.

A personal injury lawyer can evaluate your case, collect evidence, speak to expert witnesses about presenting testimony in depositions or at trial and prepare your case for settlement negotiations or trial itself. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can also do a lot of to minimize the personal stress you feel about this unique situation.

It is never easy to realize that you have been the victim of an accident that was someone else’s fault.

What follows are 11 common types of personal injuries that could lead to a negligence legal claim.

Slip-and-Fall Injuries

Any time that someone has negligently maintained their property, he or she may be held liable if someone slips and falls or significantly hurts themselves. A slip-and-fall injury can lead to catastrophic injuries and extensive medical expenses.

Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

In the event that an elderly person is significantly hurt as a result of neglect or physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, he or she may have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim.

Truck Accidents

Eighteen-wheelers frequently are carrying cargo, and this vehicle can weigh 80,000 pounds or more on the roads across the state or the country. This can lead to devastating accidents if the driver or someone else is negligent and this causes an accident.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are frequently involved in accidents as a result of the fact that they are difficult to see and may not always be appropriately respected on the road by other drivers. Since motorcyclists do not have the same protection on the road as those inside a car who have airbags and seat belts to protect them, motorcyclists may sustain severe injuries.

Construction Site Accidents

Defective equipment or dangerous safety protocols on construction sites can lead to accidents for individuals working on the site or for passers-by who are struck or otherwise hurt. This can be devastating and frustrating if this situation happens.

Dog Bites

Dog owners may have liability in the event that their dog attacks and seriously hurts somebody else. They may be held responsible in court for these situations.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Any time that a pedestrian or a cyclist is struck because someone else was not paying attention or heeding safety rules of the road, he or she may be significantly injured and may have difficulty moving on with their life.


In certain situations, an individual may have a personal injury claim as a result of an assault allegation. Assaults can be difficult and frustrating for victims to cope with, and it may be challenging to figure out how to move on.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice happens any time that someone does not show the proper care when dealing with a medical patient. If the doctor was negligent in his or her care, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim.

Negligent Security

If an injury happens as a result of a criminal attack, an individual can be held liable in court. This could lead to a victim being compensated for their injuries. Sometimes companies are fully aware of criminal issues happening on their property but choose to ignore the issue rather than retaining security.

Theme Park Accidents

Personal injuries can also happen when a theme park tries to deny responsibility for injuries, and it often requires getting experienced legal counsel to help in this situation.

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