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11 Safe Driving Tips for The Holidays

Heading out on the road to visit friends and family over the holiday season is an exciting opportunity, but it is also one that can be extremely dangerous if you are not prepared.

Holiday Driving Safety Tips

Given that more people are out on the roads and that weather conditions can decline over the winter months, you need to bear in mind that following these safety tips could actually save your life and prevent you from being involved in a catastrophic personal injury accident. What follows are the top tips in order to avoid finding yourself on the side of a road and an emergency room this winter.

Don’t Speed

Driving the legal speed limit at all times automatically decreases your chances of being involved in a critical accident. Speeding is dangerous, no matter what road you are on or the location that you are at in Florida. Refusing to speed is one of the most appropriate ways to decrease your accident chances.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Make sure that no one who is behind the wheel of the car is distracted by other conversations, changing the radio or using a cellphone. All of these can lead to devastating and dangerous accidents.

Don’t Drive Under the Influence

Unfortunately, driving under the influence accidents in Florida and elsewhere around the country always seem to surge during the holiday season. If you had a couple of drinks, make sure you call for public transportation or some other way to get home and if you are going to go to a holiday party, plan on staying somewhere else for the evening so that you can avoid the risk of an accident.

Notice Other People Who May Be Affected by Alcohol or Drugs

Noticing somebody else at a holiday party who may have been involved in drinking is a good opportunity for you to step in and remove their keys from them or suggest alternative ways to get home. Avoiding drinking and driving accidents is not just about preventing you from doing it, but also from discouraging others from engaging in this deadly behavior.

Make Sure You Are Going the Right Way

The dark roads and declining winter weather can make it difficult to tell if you are going the right way on the road. Unfortunately, wrong way accidents always tend to increase this time of year and it is primarily because people cannot see where they are going.

Avoid Congested Areas On Major Holidays

Even popular days like Black Friday or shopping the day after Christmas could put you at greater risk of a significant accident. If possible, try to stay off the roads during these times and watch your chances for an accident decline immediately. If you do need to head out on these busy roads, make sure to add in extra time and try not to get frustrated with other drivers.

Avoid Aggressive Drivers

The holiday season, unfortunately, does not bring up the best in everyone. Some drivers get behind the wheel of the car in a more aggressive way and angry than ever before. Doing the best to not engage these drivers is strongly recommended if you wish to avoid an accident.

Adjust for Weather Conditions

In the event that bad weather is on its way or has already hit, make sure you slow down and use extra precautions such as your fog headlights to see where you are going.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Safe

If you have not already done regular maintenance on your vehicle this year, now is a good time to start because problems with your brakes or other issues could cause challenges like a break down in the road in the midst of heavy traffic.

Don’t Hit Your Brakes Too Hard If You Hit Ice

It is a natural inclination to slam on the brakes in the event that you hit ice or any other slick and slippery surface. However, this can actually do more harm than good.  Most people have the immediate reaction of slamming on their brakes, but if you’re in an icy area, this can actually put you at higher risk.

Pull Over Immediately If There Has Been an Accident

You should never leave the scene of an accident. This is classified as hit and run. In the event that an accident does happen, try to remain calm, stop at the scene and share your contact information with the other driver.

Communicating with the police allows you the opportunity to file a police report and share your side of the story. You may even be entitled to file a Florida personal injury claim if you have sustained significant damage and injuries due to someone else’s negligent behavior. You can even contact us via our online contact form.

Understanding The Florida Car Accident Settlement 

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